Whisper Creek Gazette – December 2018



Welcome back everyone!  We have a few housekeeping items to go over to help the season run more smoothly for everyone.

TRASH PICK UP: Trash pickup is Monday and Thursday.  Please have your trash out early.  We do not come back around.  Do not leave your trash out overnight.  If this does not fit your schedule the small gate is open 8-5 Monday through Friday and 8-4 Saturday and Sunday.  If your trash is out other than these times, there will be a charge for us to pick up.

BRUSH: Brush pickup is Tuesday and Friday.  Again, of you choose to trim or cut on other days keep your pile behind your unit until pickup day.  If we pick up brush on other days there will be a charge.  We want to park to look good and have people in looking at the park at all times.

We do not have pickup on holidays that the office is closed.  The small gate is open for you to bring your trash up to the trailer.  The small gate is always open when the office is open.  We will pick up the trash on the closest day to the holiday that the office is open and not on a weekend.  Holiday is Monday we will pick up both trash and brush on Tuesday.  If the holiday is Thursday we will pick up on Wednesday.

MOWING: A big increase to the company.  We are now mowing all sites.  There are some guidelines.  We have to be able to get in your yard with a rider mower.  If your car, golf cart, motorcycle, cords, hoses or plants block clear access to your yard we will not mow.  We will not be weeding, trimming or blowing grass off any occupied sites.  Our mowers will take every care but are not responsible if your cords or hoses are laying unmarked or unprotected in the grass they could be cut.  We will not be replacing these.  Blue flags are still available in the office but if your grass is high they will mow.  We will not week, trim or blow grass on any site with a unit on it.

DOGS: Pick up after your dog and that’s mandatory!  Do not walk your dog close to anyone’s house as it is very upsetting to some folks, respect your neighbors.   We all know dogs bark but if there is a complaint about constant barking, you will be notified whether you are at home or not.  If it becomes a regular issue, you will be asked to leave or remove your dog.  There are numerous humane solutions to curb dogs from barking, so please do so if you are having an issue with your dog.  Do not leave your dog tied outside.  We do have wildlife in the park.  Don’t allow your dog to become a snack.  Do not walk your dog along the bank of the lake.  We recently had a gator harvested that was coming up on the bank at people.  I am sure he will be replaced quickly.

SHIRTS: I have received complaints from several residents about people out and about in the park with no shirt.  When you are out in the community, we ask that you respect your neighbors and wear a shirt, even walking to and from the pool or comfort station.  The community guidelines are to be followed in all public areas of the park and that includes the park owned streets.  We are updating the guidelines and it will include wearing shirts in the common areas.

ticket image


Raffle crews are selling tickets door to door. Please get with your seller if you are not going to be home and have a designated spot for your money.  Drawings are done at Monday morning Coffee Hour.  You DO NOT HAVE TO BE PRESENT to win.  CONTACT: Stan Lot #290

creeker email


If you would like to receive our Creeker email updates, please CONTACT Linda Lot #203.  The Creeker is used to update you about happenings in the park between times we publish the monthly Gazette.

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We have Corn Hole, Washer Toss and Goofy Golf games available in Lot #238 (next to small Rec Hall).  Games may be used from 9AM to Dusk. Please DO NOT take games to your site.

music art

Concert Series

Jan. 19, 2019—–Michael D’Amore

Feb. 2, 2019—–Dave & Daphne

Feb. 16, 2019—–Sky Family

Mar. 19, 2019—–Mark Merchant – Ventriloquist/Maryellen Hooper – Comedienne

If you are new to the park and do not want to miss these shows, tickets are available for Matinee shows only at 3PM.  Cost is #36 per person for all 4 shows or  $15 at the door.  PICK UP OR PURCHASE TICKETS in the Rec Hall on Saturday, December 8th from 2 to 4 PM. CONTACT: Chip, Lot #97.



We are collecting toys for the children of Labelle from infant to age 14. Please bring unwrapped toys to 366 Mahogony Ct by December 10th.  If I am not home, there is a “Toys for Tots” box under my carport to put them in.  CONTACT: Linda, Lot #366

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Blood Drive

will be held on Tuesday, December 18th.  Please sign up in the Rec Hall.  Bus will be located behind the Rec Hall. CONTACT: Stan Lot #290

arts and crafts

Arts & Crafts

Our Whisper Creek Christmas Craft Show is fast approaching. Our inside tables are sold out but there’s plenty of space still available outside for those who would like to sell your crafts. We have some new vendors this year and we’d like to thank them for coming, so come out and shop to see all the unique items for sale.  Remember to take one door prize ticket as you enter the Rec Hall for your chance to win a unique door prize crafted by our vendors.  You must be present to win.  The Craft Show is open from 8:30 to 12:30 – please join us.

CONTACT: Sandy Lot #135

Merry Christmas


Decorations Contest

Judging will be in 2 categories: tie-downs and short term.  All decorations must be up by Dec. 15th and judging will be on the 18th.  Anyone can win and judges will be from outside the park.


LIGHT UP THE UNITS so they can be seen from the Space Station!


December 15th at 5:45PM

Meet at the Rec Hall for lineup at 5:45.  Parade will start around 6PM and will cover all of the park. After the parade, return to the Rec Hall for judging of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

CONTACT: Mac Lot #257


December 22nd 5:30 PM

Santa and Mrs. Claus will be here!  There will be a gift exchange so bring a $10-$15 gift, wrapped and marked man or woman.  You must bring a gift to get a gift.  Bring a snack to share.  Coffee and punch will be served.  CONTACT: Valerie Mahlbacher Lot #216

CHRISTMAS DINNER December 25 – 2:00PM

Please watch for signup sheets in the Rec Hall and poster for meeting date.  CONTACT: Chip Lot #97



December 31st from 8:30 – 12:30.  VIVA is an all-star band perfect for any event or venue.  VIVA replicates the look, sound and feel of the original groups from all the different decades.  With vintage guitars, bass, drums and authentic keyboards the sound is so close you will think you traveled back in time.  This is as real as it gets.  One of the members is the original guitar player from the Miama Sound Machines.  Another member is the fill-in drummer for many national acts such as Vanilla Fudge and The Association.  The keyboard player and bass players have had some of their own songs on the top 40 charts.  Tickets: $20 each

CONTACT: Donna Lot #388,  Rosa Lot 180 or Kathy Lot #406

road trip sign

Road Trips

The following special trips have been scheduled and have openings.

Jan 9th – Fishing Trip Captain Tony’s – carpool

January – Beach Day – Need a few more to be able to go – bus

Feb 11th – State Fair – watch for Creeker email – bus

Feb 21st – Casino trip to Hollywood, FL Cost $35 and receive $20 in free play.  Room for 25people at this time – bus

Feb 24th  – Les Miserables @ Barbara Mann.  Room for 20 people – carpool

Mar 3rd – Strawberry Festival – watch for Creeker Email – bus

March – baseball game

Apr 11th – Lion King @ Barbara Mann. Have room for about 20 – carpool.

CONTACT: Babs 607-592-2250. Text or email bford1069@gmail.com.


BEEF O’GRADY’S: Wednesdays at 5PM.  We get together for wings/dinner/beer.  10% discount as a group.  CONTACT: Alan Lot #384

BIBLE STUDY: Ladies bible study is on Thursdays at 10AM.  Watch for signs (different location each week).  CONTACT: Doris Lot #185 NO START DATE YET


MEN’S: Tuesday nights at 7PM.  CONTACT Larry Lot #322

LADIES: Monday nights at 7PM. CONTACT: Gracie Lot #186 NO START DATE YET

BINGO: Played every Tuesday and Thursday at 7PM in the Rec Hall. Large cards are available.  CONTACT: Bill Lot #379

BLOOD DRIVE: December 18th. The Red Cross bus will be located behind the Rec Hall.  Sign up sheets in the Rec Hall.

BOWLING: Held on Tuesdays at Bowland in Lehigh Acres at 9:30AM.  Cost is $12.  Breakfast at 9AM.  Non-bowlers are welcome for $5. CONTACT: Gary Lot #105

BREAKFAST: Every other Saturday beginning at 8AM and lasts about 30 minutes or until food is gone.  Please bring your own place setting.  Cost is $3.00 and includes pancakes, sausage, biscuits/gravy, juice, scrambled eggs and hash browns.  Coffee, tea or hot chocolate are also available.  CONTACT: Bob Lot #336

BRIDGE: Played on Tuesdays at 2PM in the Rec Hall.  CONTACT: Anna Lot #317


1 – Euchre is Mon & Fri at 7PM

2 – 31 is Mon, Wed, Fri at 6:45PM

3 – Hand & Foot is Mon & Fri at 6:30PM

4 – Pinochle is Wed at 7PM

5 – Texas Holdum is Wed at 7PM

6 – Card Bingo is Wed & Fri at 7PM. CONTACT: Peggy James Lot #278


Tuesday, December 11th at 1:30PM.  All residents are welcome.

CHAPEL: Please join us for service and fellowship every Sunday morning at 9AM in the Rec Hall.  Christmas Eve Service 6:30PM.

COFFEE HOUR: Coffee, donuts, bagels, English muffins and pastries are served Monday mornings 8AM in the Rec Hall.  Coffee $.75/cup; food items $.75 each.  Bring your own cup.  CONTACT: Linda Lot #390

COMPUTER HELP GROUP: Meets on Tuesdays 3-4PM in the Rec Hall.  Geared towards people who want HELP. Bring tablet, laptop, Smartphone, etc. CONTACT: Sandy Lot #135 or Neal Lot #370 NO START DATE YET

CONCEALED CARRY CLASS: Currently scheduled February 9th.  Signup sheets will be available in the Rec Hall when the date comes nearer.  CONTACT: John Lot #162

CRAFTS: Please join us in the Rec Hall from 12-3PM on December 5th and 12th.  CONTACT: Susan Taylor Lot #285

CREEKER’S HANDYWORK CIRCLE: Knitting, crocheting, Swedish weaving or other projects.  Meets Tuesday 9AM followed by and optional LEO (Let’s Eat Out) at a local restaurant.  CONTACT: Judy Lot #332 NO START DATE YET


All classes will be held in the Rec Hall.

1 – Zumba 8AM Tue & Thurs

2 – Belly Dancing 8AM Wed

CONTACT: Michelle Lot #141

Start date Jan 8th

GOLF: Normally played Monday & Thursday.  Signup sheets are in the rec hall.  Mixed league. CONTACT Shirley Lot #43

HORSESHOES: Played on Tuesday at 8:30AM.  Practice any time courts are available. CONTACT: Linda Lot #366

ICE CREAM SOCIAL: Held every Sunday evening at 6:30PM in the Rec Hall.  Bring your own bowl and spoon.  Ice cream is $.50 a scoop.  Sugar-free and sherbet are also available.  CONTACT: Pam Lot #9

JAM SESSION: Thursdays at 1:30PM in the Rec Hall.  Come join and listen.  CONTACT: Steve Lot #396

Sunday – after Ice Cream Social.  Begins December 2 and will be held every Sunday evening.  We will play until 9PM.  OPEN TO PARK RESIDENTS ONLY.  CONTACT: Dave Randant Lot $367.

LINE DANCING: Wed, Thur and Fri at 10:00 in the Rec Hall. CONTACT: Brian Lot #255 Start date Jan 9th

MUSIC AT THE FIREPIT:  Please bring your own chair.  NO electrified instruments.  CONTACT: Paul Lot #281 or Bruce Lot #203.  TBA

MOTORCYCLE RIDING: Meets at the Rec Hall every Thursday at 9AM and take off for a ride.  CONTACT: Marty Lot #44

OIL PAINTING: Wednesday at 1PM in the Rec Hall.  CONTACT: Lois Lot #57.  NO START DATE YET.

PARTY WITH MARTY: Come join the fun!  KARAOKE December 15th at 7:00PM. CONTACT: Marty Lot #44

PETANQUE: Mon, Wed, Fri at 2PM.  Courts are next to the Maintenance garage.  CONTACT: Clement Lot #274

POKER: Played Monday-Saturday at 12:30PM in the small Rec Hall.  Everyone is welcome.

POOL PARTIES: Bring a dish to share along with your own place setting and beverage.  Held in the pool area so please remember NO GLASS.  Themes and dates TBA.  Will begin in January.  CONTACT: Taffy Lot #181

PICKLEBALL: Tues and Thurs at 1:30PM.  Balls and paddles will be provided. Court is located next to the laundry.  CONTACT: Stan Lot #290

PING PONG: Played on Sunday at 3PM in the Pavilion.  CONTACT: Bruce Lot #394 STARTS JANUARY


  • January 23
  • February 20
  • March 13

Come and join your neighbors for good food and fellowship.  Please bring one of the following to FEED 10-12 (cut into portion sizes if possible: Main dish, vegetable side dish, salad, other side dish, dessert.  Dinner will be served buffet style.

Please bring a serving utensil for your dish and a hot pad or board to set your dish on if it is hot.

Bring your own place setting and beverages.  NOTE: Coffee and iced tea will be provided by the Committee.  CONTACT: Shirley Lot #47

QUIDDLER: Played Mon & Fri at 1:00PM in the Rec Hall.  Everyone is invited to play.

RED HATS: Watch for poster with meeting/activities schedule.  Contact: Lois Lot #57

SHUFFLEBOARD: Played Mon, Wed & Fri at 9AM on the courts.  Enjoy the competition and the company of others!  CONTACT: Betty Jo Lot #290

STAMPING UP: Tuesdays at 1:00PM (EXCEPT ON COMMITTEE MEETING DAY) in the Rec Hall. Meeting day will be at 11AM. Signup sheets are in the Rec Hall.  CONTACT: Diana lot #219 or Debbie Lot #227

TRAP SHOOTING: Begins Monday, December 10th.  CONTACT: Rick Lot #352 or Bob Lot #179

WATER AEROBICS: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10:00AM.  CONTACT: